Attractions Map

Attractions Map

[1] IWASAKU- Shrine(Shinto god in Takumi-Town. It's old and has a lot of stone monuments)
[2] Ishi-masu water supply( simple water supply made of natural stone. Completed in 1917 Now only 8 remained)
[3] JYOUKO-JI-Temple(The temple has a lot of historic sites such us stone roofed gate, Jizo(small stone statue) and so on)
[4] Jizo-bosatsu (small stone statue)
[5] Stone park
[6] The monument of the Emperor Taisho.
[7] JIUN-Temple(Founded by the monk KOUKAI.Destroyed by the flood and restored in 1973.)
[8] Lined Jizo(ghest-Jizo. Monk KOUKAI proposed to other monks and one hundred monks are enshrined each JIZO of there own. Only 74 are remaind now because of the flood)
[9] REIHIKAKU(Founded by the monk Koukai. He erected Fudo-stone statue,and he prayed with holy fire from the opposite riverside. The stone statue flowed out and restored in 1971.
[10] Kobo-daishi (the great teacher) throwed a writing brush. (It says Kobo-daishi carved words from an opposite riverside by throwing a writing brush)
[11] KANMAN―GA-FUCHI Abyss(It's a view of gushed lava from Nantai-san volcano. And it's also called a holyland that Fudo appears.The stream sounds like a sutra of Fudo. It was named "Kanman" a word of monks Koukai's sutra.)

日光銘水そば かんまんの茶屋(世界遺産の日光東照宮・憾満ガ淵からすぐの茶屋)
含満の茶屋 (カンマンノチャヤ)
〒321-1433 栃木県日光市匠町8-33 地図